Austin Chenge/Twitter

A black man by the name of Austin Chenge is running for Governor in the state of Michigan vowing to cancel Black History Month, something he has called offensive and possibly even illegal. As you pick your jaw up off of the floor, I’ll add that this man is a 35 year old Nigerian immigrant who has been in this country since 2008 which means he has been here long enough to have learned why we have Black History Month. But I’ll get to that later. We go through this every year on social media because well… people are stupid but this year, the stupid has arisen to a new level.

First it was a Utah charter school allowing parents to opt out of Black History Month until the media got whiff of it and they took it back and now we have a gubernatorial candidate, the first Republican to announce running in Michigan, might we add that’s against Black History Month. Now in order for a Republican to be against this calling it a racist, that must mean Republican president Gerald Ford was racist because he’s the one who first recognized it. [insert eyeroll here]

Heritage months exist to show the contributions various cultures have made to society. And if we didn’t have black history constantly lied about, we might not need a Black History Month, but we know that isn’t what this is about. There are people who go into convulsions when they hear the word black and especially after the events of last summer, there are people who think if we water down black culture, black people will assimilate and we’ll have less trouble out of them. And by the way, there is a word for people who try to erase other cultures forcing the overemplasis of the dominant culture. But I’m not going to say it. It’s up to you if that’s what you want to be taking ignorant, unlearned stances like this. I just hope he has enough tap shoots to make it through this election he’s going to looks grifting being stupid.