Photo Credit: Davis Family/Instagram

What is it called when a black man is in a foursome relationship with 3 white women and he gets to stay home during the day while they go out and work? Well 39 year old Nick Davis calls himself a “trophy husband.” And as for how he earned that self-proclaimed nickname, his 38 year old wife April said she’s happy another woman is in their relationship to help handle his “needs.” She told TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife program. “Nick’s a lot to handle,” she added. “Let’s just say that… in a lot of ways. Nick is a lot to handle in the bed. Nick’s a lot to handle in general with his personality. It’s nice to be able to have helping hands.” So she needs extra hands to deal with him. Say less. We know exactly what that means.

Davis’s first wife, 38 year old April he met in college 15 years ago and 25 year old Jennifer 9 years later when she was 19 who April thought would be a good addition to their “family.” April described her enrollment in their relationship in a segment on TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife, “It just became evident to me that she was a great person, there was a lot of high intellect in that big brain of hers and I knew that Nick would find her attractive.” Then last year they added 22 year old Danielle to their family because who wouldn’t want a 22 year old to have fun with? They might not have said that but that’s what it sounds like.

For those who find this relationship concerning, Davis says he’s the “happiest he’s ever been” and calls it all a “dream come true.” He added, “Having three wives, knowing that we’ve all solidified our union and brought it together like we have, it’s just unbelievable. I just feel like I’m just living a dream come true. I honestly didn’t ever think I could be this happy. I didn’t think happiness like this existed until I found a love like this.”

And the family is even bigger now because they’ve welcomed their first child, Vera last summer by Jennifer. Nick on the other hand has a teenager from a previous relationship.

What do you think about this trophy husband? Is his life hashtag goals or nah?