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The Instagram account for Blueface’s new baby boy Chrisean Malone Jr shared a photo of Blueface lying next to baby Chrisean captioned with “Daddy and I.” This comes a week after the child’s mother Chrisean Rock dedicated their child in church which lead him to stop dragging her in public. Chrisean and Blueface have also been seen in the studio together presumably working on new music. He shared footage of her signing a contract that read MILF Music Forever suggesting she was signing to his label. But it doesnt appear his first baby mother Jaidyn Alexis is happy about the two reuniting. She posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, “My new manager would never. Who’s watching the baby?”

“I’m sorry to all the fans, I’m no longer with MILF Music,” Alexis confirmed. “I do not condone bullying and anything on his page is no longer my consent.” Adding insult to injury, she hinted at the fact that Blueface might not actually be the father of her baby, saying “Me being his baby momma is still up for debate but go off I know u need clout. They only believed in u bc u had some to show for it I worked two jobs and walked to work while he sat n sold weed at my momma house cut the sh*t on me.” Strange flex, but okay. Blueface responded by tweeting, “I signed both my baby mommas I guess I’m the problem.”

In other Bleface news, audio of the owner of the boxing gym he was stabbed in has just surfaced. He can be heard telling the 911 operator that a random man that walked in “stabbed my client” When asked if the assailant was still in the gym, he replied, “Where? I don’t know. It was just some random guy. I don’t know. He’s somewhere around the area.”
Operator: “The patient is he awake? Is he alert?”
Gym Owner: “Yeah. He’s bleeding out of his leg. Can you guys get an ambulance ASAP?”
Operator: “Is he alert?”
Gym owner: “Yeah, he’s alert.”
Operator: “Apply pressure where he’s bleeding from we’re on the way.”

And just this past Friday Lil Baby took a jab at Blueface while previewing new music on Instagram.  In the snipped he can be heard rapping, “And they say, ‘What’s in the suitcase?’ Put a 100 up a million times; what the f**k is a blue face?” This comes after Blueface not only accused Chrisean of cheating with Lil Baby but insinuated the baby might be his, Baby said he was simply Chrisean’s big brother and apparently isn’t going to let the accusations go unaddressed. We’ll see if Blueface responds to this next. He’s just clearly catching it from all directions,

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