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Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold has been no stranger to sharing her opinion about her son. She’s accused his girlfriend Chrisean Rock of faking a pregnancy, has said that if she were pregnant, it couldn’t be her son’s because he had a vasectomy and plenty more. But one was that she has been on his side is talking about his d*ck size. When fans on the internet claimed she wanted to sleep with her son, she responded saying, “I got my own dick over here and it’s bigger than my son’s dick, okay? So we gonna get that all cleared up. If you need me to post that D so that y’all know what I’m working with over here, you know I ain’t got a problem with it. I will go home and get it up for you right now and post you a nice little pic.”

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DJ Akademiks challenged Blueface and Chrisean Rock to a match recently where they would be fighting off two people together, not going against each other. Then again, given how the two are always going at it, a match between each other wouldn’t exactly be a bad idea other. Speaking to Natalie Nunn, Akademiks said, “We gon’ do some shit we never seen before. We all gonna fight simultaneously around the same time. I got a chick for Chrisean and me and Blueface.” And while Akademiks said he needed 6 or 7 months to train, Blueface said he was ready that night. But who he probably needs to be challenging to a fight is Blueface and his mother. When you’re waking up to social media posts of your mother commenting on your manhood, that’s pretty enraging. At least we would imagine so.

In other Blueface news, he shared on Twitter how Cardi B helped change his life by appearing as a feature on his Thotiana track in 2019. “When I got that cardi feature I never spoke with her prior to the studio session or recording of the music video. Everything was done from management to management to ensure professional business no money was exchanged for anything because it made cents for everyone no leverage.” And while he might be a fan of her as an artist, he did appear to share that he wasn’t a fan of her McDonalds meal on social media. He tweeted “That wasn’t no cardi an offset meal that was a regular mc chicken I forgot to put cheese on it an CCQ sauc.” And after fans lit into him for it, he clarified that he didn’t even order the Cardi meal to begin with. Cardi replied by laughing saying “The innanet be instigating like hell.” Considering that she’s already received a lot of flack with a number of franchies removing the meal’s promotional signs saying she didn’t align with their values, the least her peers could do is support her in the process.

But back to Blueface’s mother. What would you do if your mother commented on you or your man’s d*** size?