Photo Credit: Nickelodeon

Pride Month is June and Blue’s Clues & You is taking part with their own LGBT sing a long. RuPaul’s Drag Race star Nina West is seen doing the lead vocals in front of a parade involving everything from alligators, sharks, turtles, birds etc. Plenty usage of the terms like “ace,” “queer,” “trans,” “bi, “pan” are all used throughout the song. There’s also two moms, two dads, ace, pans, trans, non-binary, and bi parents shown in the video.

“It’s the Blue’s Clue’s And You Pride Parade and we need you to sing-along as the ‘Families Go Marching’ proudly!”‘ broadcaster Nick Jr. said. The song is a perfect pair with Be Proud from Dreamworks Animation’s Madagascar: A Little Wild to get people in the spirite of Pride Month.

We would imagine this is important for West as he’s from Greentown, Ohio, not exacly the most accepting place of the LGBT community. And it looks like he’s back facing this same thing today because he’s likely going to feel the heat when accusations of indoctrination gets started here. This wouldn’t be the first time the show’s been accused of indoctrinating children.

At minimum, Blues Clues is showing different people exist. At the worst, some of the 2021 LGBT vocabulary can be a lot and overwhelming at times and this comes from a gay person himself. All parents have to do is explain it or just do like Madonna. One of her children she said years ago wasn’t allowed to watch television. That’s one way to handle that. Or those with the means to fund media projects can create their own children’s material instead of bitching about what’s available all the time. Remember, viewing is your choice.