Photo Credit: Bobby Shmurda/Instagram

Bobby Shmurda’s been out of prison since February afater 6 years and not long after his smash hit Hot N*gga that made it’s way in the top 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Life’s been a heck of a ride for him to have already done that much time at 27 and as a result of it, he’s working on his autobiography. He posted on Twitter about it saying, “I Just Started Writing My Autobiography & My First Page More Lit Than Yo Daddy’s Daddy Whole Life.” And honestly, we don’t exactly disagree with him on this one. lol

He’s been in the headlines since getting out because people are wondering if he’s going to be able to mimic his initial success and for the haters… can he stay out of prison? Well the latter almost didn’t happen because just a few months after getting out he tried to whoop the a** of someone who threw a water bottle at him at Made In America Festival. Luckily he didn’t do it or else he just might have found himself in front of a judge but then again, how else are you supposed to respond to something like that?

Shmurda’s also been dancing in a lot of his videos on social media lately and has been in the gym. Some have speculated whether he might have been turned out behind bars because from the first dancing video he did, some literally took it as him coming out. Possibly, possibly not but this is a man who ran a gang at 21 so we probably wouldn’t recommend saying that to his face.

He also did an interview with Complex to talk about his big hit Hot N*gga and said he recorded the song in one hour and spent $20 making it.