Photo Credit: Bobby Shmurda/Instagram

Bobby Shmurda just posted a video in October giving sex tips to his male followers but apparently he has some second guessing going on because he says he has an addiction. And it’s so bad that he says he needs professional help. “I need sexx therapy #Baddd,” he wrote. “I need to be stopped lol frfr tho on the set.”

If you’re wondering what brought this on, well being behind bars since 2014 and not long being free will do it to you. Oh, and that video about his sex advice for men, he wrote, I’m not trying to be an asshole about it, but I’m saying, you n-ggas need some WD-40 or some shit bro,” he said in the clip. “Like I don’t know, you muthafuckas too stiff. The girls are complaining, bro. You gotta whine out, you gotta hit all angles. She ain’t never going back home trust me.”

And we’ll add that a few days ago he said he wants to make a strip club anthem with Adele. That means that either this man is a creative genius or he really does have a problem with being horny. In a recent interview with DJ Akademiks, it was pointed out by Akademiks that men have a problem with him dancing with his shirt off. He responded saying, “The difference is n****s work out for n****s,” the GS9 member explained. “When I be up in jail, I see n****s working out, right? And they’d be like, ‘I’m ready to knock somebody out.’” Shmurda makes a motion of lifting weights, and said, “Get your ass away from me, n***a. I’m ready to knock some p*ssy out.”

All we can say is that there’s nothing wrong with what he’s doing so long as he’s safe, not getting distracted with his career and staying out of trouble.