I’ve already accepted the fact that a daily part of my life is going to involve sex tapes of Boonk Gang because that’s all he seems to be interested in making these days. He’s released music, has a video game out but this is what he chooses to do. This weekend he beat up some kids at Six Flags in Cali and put the video of him doing it online as if Tekashi69 didn’t just pay $155,000 to stay out of jail for doing the same thing… and all he did was choke a kid. After posting and deleting that footage he’s gone back to posting his sex tapes. I suppose that will keep him occupied until charges get pressed for the Six Flags situation because we’ve been told by the family they plan on doing so.

He also just announced he’s made a Snapchat account named Boonkhub so I’m assuming he’ll be posting more of his adult videos there.

I think ima be off Instagram for a while so if you wanna see me in action I just made a Snapchat (BOONKHUB) so tell all your friends to add me !!

— Boonk Gang (@boonkgang) July 16, 2018

Glitzers, check out Boonk Gang’s latest sex tape from today below: