Photo Credit: Boosie/Instagram

Like the old VH1 show Best Week Ever, Boosie Badazz is not having his best week ever. He was arrested after police found a strong smell of marijuana in his black Escalade Tuesday afternoon. It started with an illegal level of tinted windows he had and concealed tags. It lead to him going into a tangent threatening to “spit on every f*cking body” and how he was being targeted by Georgia police.

Fast forward 2 days later and his Instagram accuont @AmericasMostHatedIG was deleted on Thursday, July 14th. He then went into a rant wishing harm on the head of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram head Adam Mosseri on Twitter.

“Y’all take my IG for a video that a cop posted of me going off like wtf I ain’t post it,” Boosie BadAzz typed on Twitter. “Adam [Zuckerberg] n Mark [Mosseri] y’all some bitches‼️ All that dam money n your wives look like Aliens n your kids look like retardsI wake up every morning hoping your jet crash .”

“The Alien people have done it again #racistatitsfinest,” he added in another tweet.

He didn’t stop there. He invoked the name of Kobe Bryant saying, “GOD Bring Kobe Bryant back n put mark and Adam in that helicopter with their family.” And he took one more jab at their looks saying, “Adam look like u play on revenge of the Nerds lmao,” Boosie continued. “Revenge of the nerds looking mf.”

The crazy part about all of this is that he believes he was deleted for a video of him shared cursing out police, one that he didn’t even post. He’s been dealing with post deletions since 2020. If we were to give him any advice, it’s that he have a personal page and one for his management. His professional work needs a place to be shared and his personal one, well if it stays up, it stays up but at least something consistent would always be there.