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While the rest of the world is currently sitting in quarantine at home waiting for all of this covid19 stuff to end, that’s apparently just too much for rapper Boosie to do. He went on Instagram this week and admitted to paying for a woman to provide oral sex to his sons when they were 12 and nephews. Notice we said this was plural as in multiple sons and nephews. This of course has lead to the outrage of many including people like Amanda Seales accusing him of having his children raped.

“An adult organizing the molestation of a child is sexual abuse, sexual assault on a minor and it is rape,” she said on Instagram. “A child cannot consent to sex from an adult and … this world is wearing me f*ck out.”

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Amanda believes that what Boosie did is is not okay!

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And to be clear, he emphasized that the woman who did it was grown. Just how grown, we wonder… In the Instagram Live session he said, “I’m training these boys right, I’m training these boys right. Ask any of my nephews, ask any of them, ask my son. Yeah, when they was 12, 13 they got head.”

“Yeah, that’s how it’s supposed to be. Hell yeah I got my [expletive] son [expletive] sucked. You [expletive] right.”

“Yes, a grown woman, grown, super grown checked his ass out,” Boosie continued. “Checked all my nephews out, super grown. Is she grown? She checks me out. I know what the [expletive] she did to them, she checked me out, that [expletive]. I’m getting them prepared, man.”

And to make matters worse, Boosie isn’t paying child support for his 11 year old daughter Lyric Beyonce. First of all, no child by the name of Beyonce should go without being supported. This fully deserves a response from the Knowles family just for the name disrespect. We kid, but the Special Assistant Attorney General, Don Snow filed suit against him on behalf of the child’s mother Gelisa Hayes who has complained that she hasn’t received proper support from him for their child.

So let’s get this straight, this man can’t pay his child support but he can pay to have his child’s, well children’s d*ck sucked? Really? If we just went through the MeToo movement with Harvey Weinstein and company, someone had damn sure better do something about him here. And the sad part is he sees nothing wrong with it. He mentioned recently that he was losing advertisers for his words over Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union’s trans child which obviously should have been a wake up call to watch how he talks about children but he went and upped the ante with this. This man needs Jesus, Buddha, Ghandi, therapy and whatever the hell else the world can conjure up for him because he clearly needs help.