Photo Credit: Boosie/Instagram

Boosie’s been revealed to have been taken in an arrested for a fight that occurred at an Atlanta show of his. His arrest took place Monday night where his charges were criminal damage to property, inciting a riot, disorderly conduct and criminal trespass. And he was arrested earlier today after signing his own bond. That show footage out of a fight breaking out on stage with him there earlier in the month involved his entourage rushing the stage tearing up production company and arena equipement. No word on when his next court date is.

Photo Credit: Fulton County Jail

In other Boosie news, he told VladTV that he felt DaBaby’s industry chastisement was a setup. He went into detail explaining how it came to be that he performed at his Boosie Bash. First he said he had been booked for a year in advance so he didn’t go out seeking him but said he did want to make sure he still performed.

He said “I was callin’ him for like a month and he wouldn’t answer,” said Boosie. “But I knew he was going through a lot of sh*t, but he finally answered and he came through for me like a real one. He really did. Despite all the sh*t he was going through, he came to Boosie Bash, bro. That says a lot about him not selling his soul.”

Speaking of all the festival cancellations he was experiencing, he said “I was pissed man, I was pissed at them people because I just felt like they was trying to teach him a lesson for the next big rapper that’s on top like this,” he said. “If you ever do this, this is what’s gon’ happen to you, and he did nothing. I think it was a setup. He did nothing.”

And regarding DaBaby’s controversial words, he said “I feel like they really bullied him. That’s what I felt like they did. We say sh*t when we turning up the crowd. That’s all a part of your performance. I feel like they bullied him.”

Watch his VLAD interview below talking about DaBaby’s scandal: