Photo Credit: Boosie/Instagram

R Kelly had a new album come out this week which had many fans and former supporters in a moral dilemma about what to do and whether to support. That wasn’t such a question for rapper Boosie who not only heard it but referred to Kelly as “the best to ever do it.” In a series of Instagram posts he could be seen singing along to his work including the previously 2018 released title track I Admit It. The track featured a conversation with Wendy Williams of R Kelly admitting to the deeds he’s been accused of over the years. “She said, ‘What about Aaliyah,’ I said, ‘Love’/ She said, ‘What about the tape,’ I said, ‘Hush’/ I said, ‘My lawyers said don’t say [nothin] but I can tell you that I been set up,” he croons.

Boosie captioned his video of himself singing along to R Kelly’s I Admit It with “R.Kelly TALKING DAT SHIll [flame emoji],” he wrote. “THE BEST TO EVER DO IT [star emoji] YOU BETTER GO LISTEN TO THE ALBUM [100 emoji] NUMBER 1 FAN -BOOSIE BADAZZ.” Then he started listening to his new track Planet, which is a play on Marvin Gaye’s classic “Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) with him saying, “THIS MF R.KELLY IS THE GREATEST [flame emoji,” Boosie captioned the second post. “IM LIT TODAY!! #FreeRKellyAsap.”

In the end the album turned out to be a leak and not an official release. Still, this made for his first body of work released in 6 years so fans at least got a chance to hear what he had been holding up his sleeve. His criminal defense lawyer Jennifer Bonjean has spoken to TMZ saying an investigation into the leak has been launched. She spoke to Kelly who says he was surprised and upset the music had leaked without his permission. She also stated that the FBI is “stealing” his calls and emails from prison where he’s currently serving a 30 year sentence. And he hasn’t recorded any music from behind bars because his equipment was taken shortly after his 2019 arrest, she added as well.

And as for Boosie, this isn’t the first time he’s praised R Kelly. He said back in July on Twitter when he heard he was getting 30 years, “[Kelly] wasn’t tying them to the bed. He was masterminding bitches!!! Older n****as do it all the time!” He added, “People getting 15/20 years for murder n he get 30 [exclamation points],” he wrote. “Yes he was wrong af for manipulating young girls n sexing them [sad face emoji] but he didn’t kill anyone, aggravated rape anyone. N no blame on the parents who knew everything. Resentence this man [exclamation points] College professors get probation for this sh*t.”

He continued, “Get this man some help n some jail time but don’t give him a death sentence, 30 years [exclamation points] Maybe he can one get out one day n warn these young girls about older predators n make a difference ? but 30 years like Come on world [exclamation points]”

Did you all listen to R Kelly’s new leaked album and do you think it’s possible to appreciate someone’s artistry even after being found guilty of the things he has?