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Bow Wow appears to be having a little trouble keeping his hands to himself. Him and his on again, off again girlfriend Leslie Holden, who goes by Kiyomi Leslie both were carried off to jail at 4 in the morning in Atlanta, specifically on the steps of 200 block of 12th street after a 911 call was made alleging he was beating on her. It stemmed from an altercation that left mostly Bow Wow with the war wounds, leaving him with some significant scratches across his face. He even has the nerve to be smirking in his mugshot. The police were unable to determine who was at fault which is why they were both arrested and for the same charge of misdemeanor battery.

Bow Wow was released on $8,000 bond a couple hours ago. It isn’t clear if Kiyomi, who had the same bond amount has been released. Bow Wow had been in town promoting his mother’s Super Bowl pop up shop, but given the way his face is looking, he isn’t likely to be doing anything else for Super Bowl weekend. Neither party has yet to make a statement but given Bow Wow’s penchant for dramatization (See his flailing hand beef with Omarion from back in the day). Early on last year Bow Wow concerned fans with a Breakfast Club interview where he mentioned being suicidal, and fast forward a year later, instead of doing harm to himself, he’s doing it to someone else. THe objective needs to be to stay away from abusive behavior altogether. smh

Photo Credit: Fulton County Sheriff’s Office