Photo Credit: Bow Wow/Instagram

If the Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones saga could be compared to today’s politics, Fizz would be Donald Trump who allegedly just tried to shake down the Ukrainian government for dirt on his opponent, got it, but is now watching it all blow up in his face as he’s now facing impeachment. And the impeachment would be Fizz and the rest of B2K not being a part of Omarion’s new tour. Now we all had to sit and watch Fizz and what’s his face with the high hairline, Boog both brainstorm about how to get Omarion on a tour who wasn’t returning any of their calls. They bitched and moaned on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood only to get subtweets from him on Instagram, only to return a couple seasons later with Fizz dating his ex, Apryl Jones in the biggest and messiest open secrets that neither wanted to fess up to.

To be rightfully honest, I don’t even like reporting on the nonsense because it’s just that. Some things you simply don’t do. And when your career is on life support and we practically saw you beg this man through the camera to pick up the phone to work on you, to now do this, that’s foul. And when asked about it, Omarion has basically given the response Whitney Houston had about Mariah Carey years ago when she was asked what she thought of Mariah. She said, “I don’t think about her.”

Anyway, Apryl posted a happy birthday message to Fizz calling him her favorite person in the world, which if you follow her on Instagram, you’d know why. She did a live video saying he had the best d*ck she ever had and then went on radio to clarify how it was the best but with no shade to Omarion. She said his was good, but her and Fizz had a better connection. It was an explanation that no one asked for, nor did anyone need to know. But she also posted a pic in her underwear, we assume to show Fizz what he was getting later, pulling down her underwear to show off her body. Omarion had a little birthday surprise for them himself. He announced a Millenium tour and with Bow Wow. No B2k was mentioned.

Now Bow Wow’s been thrown in the middle of it all, and if anything it looks like he’s a part of the shade. And for all we know, he just might be. Those who remember the days Bow Wow and Omarion toured together, they were best buddies. Then the day came when Bow Wow went viral hollering, screaming and rolling his neck, reminiscent of Khia and TS Madison going at it today. It had some wondering what the hell happened to have him so emotionally invested in this feud to go off the way he did. The gay rumors were plentiful. But that’s been over 10 years ago and many forgot. But that could be the reason Bow Wow got that call to be on the tour first. Bow Wow said he wasn’t focused on any of the drama and just wanted to keep his eye on making sure they had a great tour. Now if history is anything to pay attention to, Soulja Boy, Sammie and whoever else is scheduled to be on this tour had better watch out because this one could end early in the same messy queen fashion these two split ways in the past. #StayWoke.