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Bow Wow appeared to have lost a fight with Wolverine over the weekend when his mugshot from the early hours of Saturday morning hit the internet. It turned out to have just been his ex Leslie Holden, who goes by Kiyomi Leslie. New details have emerged about the arrest to include that she beat him repeatedly with a lamp after he approached her over talking to another guy at a party. “Mr. Moss stated that Ms. Holden was all over another man’s body in the party,” a police report states. “A man Mr. Moss referred to as Shaquille.” It isn’t clear if he was referring to Shaquille O’Neal or not but Shaq did have a carnival-themed Super Bowl party Friday night that Bow Wow attended.

Holden stataed that the two got home after the party and Bow Wow “quickly became physical.” She said he hit her in the head, pulled her hair and dragged her across two rooms. Officers said she had redness on her lower back, red marks on her right fingers and some broken fingernails. Bow Wow’s attorney Joe S. Habachy said he was “wrongfully arrested” after being “beaten by an out of control intoxicated female.”

Hachaby went on to say “Shad Bow Wow Moss was wrongfully arrested earlier this morning for the first time after being beaten by an out of control intoxicated female, Ms. Leslie Holden, in an Atlanta condominium. The only two independent witnesses both corroborated his version of events indicating that Ms. Holden was simply out of control and was without a doubt the primary aggressor. For no logical reason officers arrested both parties despite having clear-cut evidence that Bow Wow was the victim in the case. Ms. Holden beat him with a lamp, bit him on his side, and spit on him while Bow Wow continually made efforts to avoid her. Bow Wow suffered multiple injuries, some of which are visible in his mugshot. Ms. Holden’s mugshot on the other hand speaks for itself, despite her allegation to police that she broke a fingernail.”

Bow Wow has explained on an episode of Growing Up Hip Hop ATL where he was seen being violent at Da Brat’s “End of Probation” party that “being in love with that woman, it drove me to a place I ain’t never been before.” He’s also referred to their relationship as being “toxic.”

To add insult to injury, on a show that Bow Wow is listed as being Executive Producer on, he’s been told he’s been getting set up by production to end up in fights with other cast members. Masika Kalysha has gone on an extensive Twitter rant before about having altercations with Bow Wow and not understanding where it came from. It looks as though she’s running into the same thing she left Love & Hip Hop Hollywood over. While reality television is entertainment, you have to be careful not to let it land you behind bars. It now looks as though this domestic dispute was set up by production. They both went to jail and spent $8,000 a piece, likely over something made for television while neither of them were aware of what was going on.

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