Photo Credit: Brandy/Instagram

It isn’t everyday that you hear about Brandy Norwood taking advantage of people but that’s what her former housekeeper Maria Elizabeth Castaneda is asking for for her lawyers at the Lipeles Law Group. She’s already getting $40k in a settlement for age discrimination, wrongful termination and other grievances like not allowing her to have proper meal breaks. And that’s down from a possible $87,445.00 in fees her attorneys were seeking as Brandy agreed to pay the amount determined by the court.

After working a total of 20 years for Brandy and being let go just this February, the 60 year old originally sued for $250,000 in compensatory damages, $250,000 in general damages, $97,500 in consequential damages, $54,000 in other damages all on top of the legal fees. The firm’s declaration wrote a declaration dropping bombs such as saying, “When my client received her check from [Brandy], the check bounced. When our client’s check bounced, the bank closed her account and I then had to spend more time personally assisting her in retrieving the funds from [Brandy].” No response from Brandy has been received as of yet.

In other Brandy news, she’s going to be reprising her role as Cinderella in Disney+’s The Pocketwatch. A description of the project reads, “The expansive new story finds polar opposites Red and Chloe crossing paths at a momentous celebration in Auradon when unexpected chaos breaks out. In order to prevent an impending coup, they must join forces to travel back in time, via a magical pocket watch created by the Mad Hatter’s son, to stop an event that would lead to grave consequences.” Created by filmmaker Jennifer Phan who’s serving as director and co-executive producer, the President of Disney Branded Television Ayo Davis said, “With a captivating script and Jennifer Phang’s directorial vision, we’re setting a new high bar of creativity and imagination, with a movie that ups the ante on story, song and dance to entertain young viewers, their families, and the global fan base that grew up with the aspirational story of ‘Descendants’. We join them in anticipation as we prepare to deliver a great new entertainment experience to Disney+.”

Well if Brandy is writing bouncing checks to her former housekeeper, she might at least need this work to get the checks in the bank to clear.