Photo Credit: Breonna Taylor/Instagram

When the November election came, the Breonna Taylor case was pretty much seen as being all wrapped up when the only charges that came about were for police shooting into the homes of neighbors but not for killing Taylor herself. Now her family attorney Sam Aguiar is alleging that body cam footage for a number of police officers that showed up to her door have yet to be turned over despite him asking for it.

For those who don’t know, body cam footage is public information and the public has a right to see it. For those who think this is just an attempt to turn over a just verdict, it is quite common for body cam footage to be withheld for months and years ALL of the time across the country. Unfortunately this is one of the most difficult things to wrangle out of the hands of police departments.

Aguiar is now asking that a judge mandate that the footage be turned over. The family may have received a $12 million settlement from the city of Louisville but justice matters for future cases like this. No drugs were found in their home and one of the officers, Joshua Jaynes is accused of lying on the application to get the search warrant to begin with. He is said to be appealing to a city board that reviews police terminations next month.

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