If you’re not familiar with rapper Dappy, he’s a British rapper that came from the group N-Dubz up until almost a decade ago and has been solo since. He recently collaborated with Tory Lanez on the collab album Plug Talks, that features a ton of talent from across Europe and the US. They appear in the music video for the track Not Today this summer. He’s also not a stranger to critics such as producing visuals of rich kids pretending to be gang members in videos of his like in the single Love for My Slum, which we have to say is completely ridiculous. He’s literally telling a story of exactly what goes on in the world. No one said go out and emulate it. That’s how art works. He was arrested a couple years ago for supposedly beating up his girlfriend. We don’t remember the outcome of the case but it’s a little unusual to be denied bail if the charges weren’t somewhat true.

As for the subject matter of this article, there was a time when he defended his bandmate who had her ex Justin Edwards leak a sex tape of her, calling him out as being a jealous ex mad that he couldn’t have her. But in his words in telling the guy what he thought about him, he said if he had his own sex tape leak, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. So that leads one to ask, does he have one and if so, how good is it? We have nudes of him here, but will wee see more?