Photo Credit: Britney Spears/Instagram

Britney Spears’ legal team called her father Jamie Spears in for a deposition recently which they’re reporting he’s currently running from. In a 21 page court filing, it’s being reported by her attorney Matthew Rosengart that he’s “running and hiding” and has been “stonewalling” the legal process. “Despite his demonstrably false claims that he has ‘nothing to hide’ and would therefore ‘hide nothing,’ James P. Spears has been running and hiding from his deposition and accounting for his misconduct — under oath — as required by law,” Rosengart stated in the court docs filed Wednesday.

“Indeed, while representing that he would ‘unconditionally cooperate’ and act with ‘complete transparency without conditions,’ Mr. Spears has engaged in stonewalling and obstruction — for over six months — dodging his deposition and repeatedly failing to respond to simple requests for basic information.”

Also in the court documents includes all the items Spears’ father has been accused of over the years to include bugging her bedroom with the help of Black Box Security for the purposes of recording her private conversations. It’s also alleged that they were paid with money from her estate and attempts to conceal this from the Los Angeles Superior Court were made as well. This is just some of the information revealed by forensic investigator, ex-FBI Agent Sherine Abadi.

Rosengart also says Jamie Spears “can run but cannot hide” and is willing to take his deposition to “any city in the country.” He also describes him as a “misguided” fiduciary and father.

“Since childhood and certainly over the past decade, Britney Spears has been forced to live under her father’s thumb, even as she gave him an identity and supported him financially; yet he has never been required to answer for his conduct, including his gross, self-interested misuse of his fiduciary position.

For Mr. Spears to contend that he will answer for his actions if (and only if) his daughter’s personal, private life is further exposed demonstrates just how misguided he is as a fiduciary and as a father,” he states. “Enough is enough. Britney Spears will tolerate it no longer, and with respect, neither should this Court.”

Rosengart asked Jamie and his counsel to “do what is right, voluntarily.” He goes on to say, “Be decent. Please, stop harassing and bullying your daughter,” he says. “Please, leave your daughter alone.” Others Rosengart expressed interest in deposing include Britney’s former business manager Lou Taylor and Taylor’s Tri Star Sports & Entertainment associate Robin Greenhill, who once acted as Britney’s personal assistant.