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Britney Spears raised a few eyebrows when she left court Friday after a day of challenging her parents. She was there to request more freedom from the 11 year conservatorship she’s been in. She’s been said to have been fairly independent in recent years and the tours and Vegas residencies have shown her ability to be stable and functioning. Her father is mostly to thank as he came to her rescue putting the conservatorship in place in 2008. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had a relationship with her mother Lynn since 2002, but she was concerned when she heard stories of how her daughter was in the hospital being held against her will. So her appearance in court was to have her records unsealed to see exactly what’s been going on.

After listening to both sides, the judge ordered an expert “730 evaluation,” which goes over finances, something usually reserved for divorces. While it isn’t clear what this is being done for, it’s likely to see how her father has been managing her finances and to discuss the transfer of responsibility to her and her team again. And speaking of her finances, she just was granted a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend and former manager Sam Lufti for sending a slew of texts to her mother advising her on how to challenge the conservatorship, possibly so she could have more of her control of her finances. Britney has stated that part of her recent struggle has been brought on by indirect remarks by Lufti including “disparaging and threatening comments.”

The hearing Britney and her parents attended Friday was agreed upon by all parties and hopefully will be a good starting point for Britney to get more control of her life. While it’s good that her father has been able to keep her in line over the last decade, that can be done from afar. Ten plus years is a long time to be in a conservatorship, especially if she’s only had a recent minor setback. It had been reported that a change in her medications caused her functioning to be off as the previous ones were not working the same.

Britney’s sister Jamie Lynn offered her sister well wishes online during the hearing, only to find herself swatting a troll afterwards. One of the comments said “Fear of losing your allowance, I see!”, to which she replied, “haha nice try, but I have NEVER been paid a dime from my sister. that is HER hard earned money, and I am NOT entitled to a cent of it. I would no spend money I did not earn.” Well, someone’s not playing.

And one further thing here that might not look so good on Britney’s part is the fact that she left court barefoot. We’re just going to sum that up to her feet hurting. Things happen and we’re not going to assume the worst, but it is duly noted, nonetheless.

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