Photo Credit: Clint Brewer/LEGA/Vasquez-Max Lopes/BACKGRID

Britney Spears checked herself into a facility to take care of herself as her father’s deteriorating health has had her extremely distraught. This is according to sources close to the Piece of Me singer. And after a few weeks of being there, she was just seen out with her boyfriend Sam Asghari at the The Montage hotel in Beverly Hills. Dressed in an off the shoulder red dress and birkenstock sandles, she appeared to be a bit disheveled and not someone who’s spent weeks addressing “emotional distress.” Her boyfriend was being a gentleman the entire time by remaining in front of her protecting her from paparazzi as she got into the car waiting for her outside.

There’s only one problem with this scenario, the fact that there is a growing #FreeBritney movement online. It’s believed by many of her fans that she is being held against her will and was involuntarily committed into the treatment facility so her controlling father will remain in control of her estate. This idea was floated around by a Britney fan show named the Britney’s Glam Podcast. A voicemail from a paralegal on her team was played stating they were being asked to do something illegal and chose not to work for her team anymore.

“What is happening is … disturbing to say the least,” the insider claims, explaining how Britney’s sister Jamie Spears noticed she wasn’t taking her meds, and alerted their dad. “Of course, the statement said she has been there since last week, that is not true. She has been there since mid-January, and there’s no timeline… particularly in sight for this stay at this mental facility to end. She did not want to go .. this was not a decision she made at all.”

At the same time, sources have told TheBlast that reports of her being distraught over her father’s condition, leading to a voluntary hospital admission was just a cover for her own deteriorating mental health state.

Prior to her entering into the facility, they were allegedly concerned that she could end up dead if she didn’t get help soon. Also, the rigorous performing was not something she was up to doing as her life was said to be “out of control.” While she’s under the care of the doctors in the facility she was checked in, they’re working on getting her “cocktail of medications” correct. Anyone who has to take a cocktail of medications to be stable likely has some longstanding ongoing mental issues. Her team hasn’t even wanted her to drive and seeing her behind the wheel in January freaked them all out. So the notion of both her conservatorship lasting over 10 years and needing to be in the hospital under care wouldn’t be hard to fathom. Also, the threshhold for having a person involuntarily committed is pretty high so the likelyhood of having a person detained against their will, especially of her stature is highly unlikely. More details on this will be revealed as they come.