Photo Credit: Deshaun Watson/Instagram

Trey Songz has been in the news for allegations against which people have been tallying the number of claims but they’re nothing compared to Browns Quarterback Deshaun Watson. He just had a 24th woman claiming sexual assault. A former massage therapist of his, Katy Williams just filed a lawsuit in Harris County, TX claiming he masturbated in front of her after their second session together. The first time occurred without incident that resulted in a $100 tip. The second he demanded she massage between his legs and to keep going higher until she reached his scrotum leading to him getting up to ejaculate in front of her, getting some on her chest. This time he tipped her $150 and offered no apoligy. The whole ordeal lead to her taking a break from being a masseuse and is seeking damages.

Williams is being represented by former Houston mayoral candidate Tony Buzbee along with the other 23 women. He released a statement last week saying, “Our entire team is incredibly proud to represent these women. And we look forward to the day when we can lay out their cases in detail in front of a jury.”

His girlfriend, former Miss Teen Houston and singer Jilly Anais is currently standing by his side and denies any abuse on her part. It’s a tough thing sitting and watching something like this occur with your significant other. On another note, we’ll add that we just came across her music for the first time today and she’s actually really good which makes this story all the more tough to cover. For everyone’s sake, we hope that this isn’t true and wish the best to all involved.