Photo Credit: TMZ

It’s something about Burger King that seems to be bringing the worst out of people. In one day, we have reports of employees being assaulted over service. The first was by 21 year old Austin Addison who ended up being charged with harassment, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief after open palm slapping the crap out of a Burger King manager, knocking his glasses off of his face handling his dispute about being cheated on his number of chicken nuggets given to him. He also threatened to have the employer that did it to him put in jail “for the rest of her life” apparently over stealing. He’s since been fired by his employer Harbor Freight Tools. What makes it so bad is that his reaction to being told he was on camera was to slap the manager. That’s kind of the opposite of… nevermind.




So now we’re on to the second #BurgerKingBobby who had a tantrum over their food, except this time they actually killed the person who brought the food out. In fact, it wasn’t even their food. Around 7:30 pm Saturday night in Orlando when Desmond Armond Joshua, 22 was found with a gunshot wound. The story is that the drive thru was backed up, a woman got out of her car shouting that she was going to go get her man to take care of things. She was refunded her $40 and asked to leave.

The report from the deputies stated “the woman waited in the parking lot in her black sedan for a few minutes then drove away and returned with a white truck with a man identified as 37-year-old Kelvis Rodriguez-Tormes, who was demanding that Joshua fight him.” A witness had to stop Rodriguez-Tormes from fighting Joshua after putting Joshua in a headlock and choking him. Rodriguez-Tormes went in his truck to get his gun, told him “You got two seconds before I shoot you.” He and the woman who called him to the restaurant both took off after he shot Joshua. He later died in the hospital.

The Burger King employee had just begun working there a few days earlier. CBS affiliate WKMG said records show that “though their statements are mostly redacted,” they indicate that Rodriguez-Tormes dismantled the gun used in the shooting and placed it “in a location which cannot be located.” T