Photo Credit: Kanye West/Twitter

Kanye West is an artist who when it’s all said and done embodies the Frank Sinatra song My Way. He’s had his opinion on thing and his unconventional way of expressing it whether it is saying “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” or having a music video with life sized mannequins of other artists all naked in bed with him but it’s always worked for him and his fan base is ever growing. Well in recent years, there have been multiple attempts to have him canceled, something even former President Obama has spoken against, the idea of abandoning a person and seeking to destroy their career over a difference in political positions or even opinions as being ridiculous.

Well Kanye can be described as the Comeback Kid because at the moment, after taking a break from touring in 2016 and starting his own church service that many have mocked, he currently sits at Number One on the Hot 200 chart with the top album in the country as well as the Number One music video with his recent release Follow God which had 1.5 million views this morning about 14 hours after being posted. He’s a testament that true talent always survives. He’s also topping the list of richest rappers in Forbes Magazine. As for his Follow God, he connects with his dad who was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer at his Wyoming ranch. His father expressed surprise that the 4,000 acres he and his son were walking on was owned by a black man. And the album, Jesus is King is Kanye’s 9th consecutive album to debut at Number One.

So with all of Kanye’s success, what is there left for him to do now? Well during a sit down at Fast Company’s fifth annual Innovation Festival that he plans to run for president in 2024. Not only that but he said he plans to change his name to Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West. While this was met with varying levels of WTF, he’s listed as being worth close o $900 million and when you have money like that, you can do whatever you want… including changing your name. And isn’t that the American dream, to be able to pursue your dreams however you see fit?

Kanye is still on top and from the looks of it, with all criticism aside, he’s going to be remaining there for the foreseeable future.