Photo Credit: Candiace Dilliard/Instagram

The Real Housewives of Potomac currently is dealing with a production issue the cast seems unable to get beyond which is the war between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard. Samuels reportedly smashed Dilliard’s face on a table, resulting to a lawsuit from Dilliard. In fact, she’s been charged with second degree assault. Samuels has then countersued for assault, and we have to state that she has one of the best lawyers in Washington, Mr. A. Scott Bolden. Now if he isn’t able to help get her off, I promise you she’s guilty as sin, so pay attention. I used to live in DC and he’s a big deal. The countersuit came about from several failed attempts at mediation on the side of Dillard.

And this is where things have gotten ugly. Samuels was uninvited from Bravocon by Andy Cohen, and Dillard has accused Samuels of stopping her from getting work. She went on Instagram Live to say she was “removed from the program” of singing the national anthem for a Washington Fusions basketball game. And that Instagram post, Samuels said was being forwarded to her legal team for “harassment defamation of character.”

This current drama that’s going on between these two have spilled over to the rest of the cast. It’s been reported that the cast has expressed not wanting to work with Samuels and that she has been getting shunned by production. A social media post came from Samuels stating what good of a thing “choice” is, leading many to believe that she had chosen not to film certain scenes. Well it appears that the other reports that she didn’t want to be on the show anymore might have been the choice she was referring to.

It also appears that the reports of Samuels being shunned by production are true. This was confirmed by Dillard’s mother who Retweeted someone stating that Samuels hasn’t been invited to any cast events since the fight and that production is pissed at her. The tweet also stated that Dillard never threw a glass at Samuels, unlike what reports have stated. Dillard’s mother captioned the tweet calling it the truth. Samuels’ attorney, Bolden has stated that all of this should play out on camera and to his client’s favor.

There’s a bit of an elephant in the room here. Dillard’s mother pointed out how there are lines that they’re all given not to cross. And while this is true, Porsha Williams from the Real Housewives of Atlanta still has a job and this is after not only getting into fights but on camera. As for Samuels threatening to “drag” DIlliard, Williams literally did just that to Kenya Moore and here she is still on the show. This comes down to what appears to be favoritism over ratings. And it’s understandable that if provoked first, that Samuels felt responding by getting physical with Dilliard was okay.

So what to do now? She could sue the network for discrimination in stating others have done the same thing. But if she does that, it almost guarantees she won’t appear not only on the show again but the network as a whole. If she’s being given a hard time by the network, I personally would like to see her do that, just for the precedent and take her chances with her career elsewhere. Sometimes it takes a bold step, especially when you feel you’re being bullied. We’re going to report back on this as it progresses.