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Rap duo City Girls just came on the scene and unlike many of their industry counterparts, they’ve been completely open about not writing all of their music. Back in April, labelmate Lil Yachty did an interview where he admitted to writing the entire song with the exception of group member JT’s final verse. At the end of the day, whether they wrote the lyrics or not, it’s a massively popular song where at any given moment you’ll see clubs full of women who know the song line by line. This of course came with its own level of scrutiny because come on, Drake and Meek Mill went at it for months writing diss after diss, meme after meme over accusations of Drake not writing all of his music. Nicki Minaj got seriously irate when her ex Safaree said he wrote a lot of her music but… her music has significantly changed and some would say has not been the same since they broke up.

To their defense came their Twerk collaborator Cardi B. She went on IG live saying “I bet you rap that whole f**king song with your whole motherf**king heart, b**ch!” She added that the ladies with men problems especially rap along to the hit single as their summer anthem of choice—City Girls accent and all. “I bet you use they accent though! You not using Lil Yachty accent, you using they accent! The f**k! Y’all be singing that song with y’all whole f**king chest. Y’all b**ches be hating.” She went on to say say that the second it gets hot outside they rap “it’s that season, where n- spend a check for no reason, but no one is spendin’ a check on ya’ll so stop it.” Welp, that covers that.

Asian DaBrat apparently had made a comment about writing her music but said anyone who writes their music is proud of it and would say so whenever they have a chance. As for beefs, she said she’d make it clear exactly who she was talking about if she had one.

Yung Miami made it clear how she felt about it. She said a hit is a hit and that some of these other rappers needed some writers…. Periodt. We can’t say we disagree.

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I said what I said !

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And Megan thee Stallion basically let everyone know she was neutral and just wanted to make music and mind her business.