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Cardi B just revealed she was pregnant last night at the BET Awards. Just like her first pregnancy, being the boss that she is, she didn’t let being with child keep her off of the stage getting that bag. When it was over she shared pics of her maternity shoot. And it was cute how she tagged her belly with Offset’s name. You can guess what that meant. But this joyous moment didn’t last long when she found herself dragged right back into the years long beef between her and Nicki Minaj.

According to Love & Hip Hop: Miami star Jessie Woo, a member of Cardi’s team revealed to her their plot to use Cardi B to take Nicki down. On social media, she said “There will be so many people that you guys will never know their names that have been behind the demise of so many people’s careers… Like I’ll give you an example, this is me spilling tea.” She went on to say, “I’ll never forget, years ago – four years ago – I met someone that was on Cardi’s team, back in 2017. They literally told me, like, this is something that was told to me – that yeah, putting Cardi out, our goal was to knock Nicki [Minaj] out.”

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From there she said, “That was the first time I heard that topic. Then not too long later, the whole Nicki and Cardi thing happened. And I remember thinking to myself like ‘Yo, so and so told me that this what they were trying to do.’ And then you have these two women who just want to be artists, but then you have all these people behind the scenes who are pitting them against each other.”

Cardi B got whiff of this and commented on the post made to The Neighborhood Talk saying, “The lies !!! I hate that I gotta address shit that is so irrelevant. Jessie woo is the same person that I got on my dm askin me advice because she sign to my old record label and she felt like my old manager played her .If anybody ever told you that about another woman then why would you go and sign with them as well ? No matter how stressful my 3 years of litigation when with my old managers was I know he will never say that since he a Queens nikka and the last thing in our head was another woman when we was just trying to make it which we did .And yes I got the dms !”

Nicki then hopped in with her own cryptic message saying, “Who God bless.”

Well, we don’t know about this one, Jessie. You’re sounding a little less like Jessie Woo and more like Jess with the Mess lol. But if there happens to be tea there, then by all means, keep talking. We’re definitely listening.