Photo Credit: Cardi B/Instagram

If there is anything we should know about rapper Cardi B is that she’s about that action. When she says she’s going to do something, she does it. And when it comes to putting her foot down and saying she’s done playing with people, she means it. She’s deleted her social media multiple times over people trolling her, stressing her out but it looks like she may have reached her wits end now. Over the weekend she sent what could be construed as a subliminal in response to Colombian singer Karol G’s collab with Nicki Minaj with a now deleted tweet saying, “Cause I passed on it… Now sip on that.”

Well the Barbs didn’t exactly like that and one of the hate tweets she received apparently inspired her to drop her location and tell one of Nicki’s fans to meet up and discuss this in person. “46 and 8th ave in NY,” she tweeted, “in case somebody want to see me.” Now this wasn’t even responding to one person. She sent that to the public in general. When I first heard she did that, I said, “I would like to think that this was staged or not real but knowing Cardi and her history, I’m 100% inclined to believe she was serious.” She did similar before when she gave the address to an Atlanta recording studio she was working in and said if anybody had a problem with her they could pull up. First of all, that’s the most gangsta thing ever and I cracked the entire hell up watching it all unfold. It actually resulted in one of her followers calling Child Services saying her child was in danger with her doing that. Chris Brown did that before giving out his home address in his Instagram Stories and the police showed up to make sure he was okay because obviously that is crazy as hell.

As for Cardi giving her location. She pulled up and started recording herself looking around saying “I’m not about trolling— I pull the f*ck up.” Some fans did actually show up. It was a couple of the gays and they all eventually laughed it all off. But kudos for Cardi. Listen, sometimes you just need to meet out in the street. You get tired of all of the Twitter gangsters and you’ve got to show people you mean business. That’s what Monique Samuels did with Candiace Dillard but things didn’t exactly work out in her favor as she’s now facing a second degree assault charge. Thankfully Cardi didn’t have to experience such a thing.