Photo Credit: Cardi B/Instagram

We all saw what happened at the Met Gala a while back when Cardi B ran up on Nicki Minaj with that shoe and we know how disrespect isn’t tolerated in hip hop. So imagine a club dj looking at Cardi B and calling out Nicki Minaj’ name as being in the house. And note that they’d be doing this likely with the full knowledge she has a history as a gang blood member. Well it actually happened. Earlier today footage of Cardi sipping a Corona at Richie Romero’s Wonderland in New York City surfaced when you could hear the DJ saying, “Shoutout to Nicki Minaj in the motherf*cking building. Let’s go.”

At this point Offset shot a look at the DJ. While he was contemplating what to do, Cardi sprung into action and grabbed the mic. She shouted “What’s good? How the f*ck y’all doing tonight? Are we gonna turn the f*ck up?”

“Who is in the building tonight? ‘Cause, we want all the f*cking smoke, ya heard!” Bardi continued. “Are we getting dangerous tonight? DJ, are we getting f*cking dangerous tonight?”

She later got on IG Live addressing the situation saying, “Motherfuckers were trying to set me up and everything. And let me tell you something, I handle my business in real life. I don’t think y’all really knew what was going on. I don’t think y’all understand what was going on, and when somebody tries to explain it, y’all coming sideways. And it’s, like, why?”

DJ Will later addressed it on Instagram in a post saying “A promotor, manager passed me along information to shout out and unknowingly, I ran with it. I never meant any disrespect to Cardi B, Offset, their family, friends or fans in any way, shape or form. It was an honest mistake, and I feel horrible about it. Normally that’s something that I would never do — I always check and double-check information, but I was caught up in what I thought was a hip-hop moment. I accept my responsibilities for what happened and send my heartfelt apologies to Cardi B and Offset.”