Photo Credit: Cardi B/Instagram; Tasha K/Instagram

Not many people go all out of their way to get a blogger but Cardi B has made it a point to get Tasha K. And she’s done it all while being the hottest female rapper in the game. She’s now on year 4 of her legal battle against the woman who has done everything from saying she had Herpes to accusing her of on stage sex acts with beer bottles with no sign of letting up off of her neck.

On Monday a federal judge in Atlanta signed off on an injunction ordering Tasha K to not only remove all old posts defaming Cardi B, but she isn’t allowed to repost them. The “unWinewithTashaK” host was said to have caused Cardi to be suicidal in an emotional testimony she gave in January. And it resulted in her being ordered to pay approximately $4 million to Cardi B covering $1.25 million in general damages, $250,000 for medical expenses, another $1 million in general expenses, and $1,338,753.47 in litigation expenses.

Tasha K, whose real name is LaTasha Kebe has been given 5 days to remove all offending content and both parties agreed on the injunction where the blogger isn’t allowed to continue defaming the rapper while the legal process plays out. She was previously asked to remove all offending content to which she failed to do so which has lead up to this injunction. The clock is now ticking and we’re going to see if she’s going to be bold enough to defy yet another court order.