Photo Credit: Cardi B/ Instagram

Cardi B gave birth to her daughter Kulture close to a year ago and is beginning to have complications from her decision to have lipo afterwards now. Doctors have asked that she take a few weeks for her to recover because things have gotten so bad that she’s literally unable to perform. She needs the time for the swelling to go down and her body to fully recover. She just pulled out of a performance in Baltimore this Friday night and several others. Her team has said “Cardi says she’s very disappointed and hates to let her fans down, but she wants to reassure them that she’ll see them in September!” During a May 5th performance in Memphis, she said she should have cancelled because “moving too much is going to f*** up my lipo.” The Baltimore performance has been rescheduled for September 8th.

In an interesting turn of events, on the same day Cardi announced having to postpone shows of hers, her child Kulture just turned 10 months old. Her husband Offset posted a video of her singing her mother’s hit song I Like It. Not even a year old, and she’s already poised to be a huge rap star. “KULTURE REMIX ‘I LIKE IT,’ “ wrote Offset. “ALREADY PLATINUM. SO MUCH CHARACTER. I LOVE HER.”

In other Cardi news, she recently asked fans to stop putting her on blast in public when they see her. Sometimes she wants to be discreet, enjoy her time out without tipping off paparazzi, but that’s hard to do with people yelling your name out. Okay, Cardi. That’s understandable. Now while her fans might take heed to her message and give her some privacy, her husband is another story. He recently compared Alabama’s recently law banning abortions to slavery… which by the way he repeatedly misspelled as “slavory,” setting the internet ablaze. Without repeating some of the responses he received, if they happen to get yelled at in public any time in the near future because of anti-abortion advocates, just remember, that’s the cost of having a political opinion.