Photo Credit: Cardi B/Instagram

Rapper Cardi B and Offset famously split up after a little over a year of being married this past December and the interesting part in it all is that she’s basically said she didn’t have very much concern for fixing things. She didn’t want to do therapy and at one point said he absolutely wasn’t taking him back. Her life is going well and only wanted to focus on her child, Kulture. Subsequent interviews showed her say they were taking things a day at a time which is fine. That’s how reltionships work.

But do you know what helps in getting the spark back in a relationship? Yachting in Cabo will do it. And how do I know this? Danielle Staub from the Real Housewives of New Jersey spent 6 weeks out in St. Barts with a guy, came home and was planning a wedding. It looks like Offset might have taken a page out of the Danielle Staub playbook because he and Cardi were having a little #MondayFunday yachting in Cabo with his wife. And Offset’s laying it on thick by having a bedroom with rose petals going across the floor, etc. He’s obviously learned a thing or two from being in the doghouse the last few months.

As for what brought all of this about, he was in town because he has a scheduled performance there and it would probably be a good idea to be seen with his wife Cardi and not some college girl hanging all over him. They’d never get back together if that happened.

And if you look at Cardi and Offset with him lying on her chest in pictures, that’s not something you let someone you can’t stand do to you.