Photo Credit: Cardi B/Instagram

Chart topping rapper Cardi B just announced on Twitter that she wants to run for Congress and in order for her to do that, the first step is to go back to college. She said she really likes government despite not agreeing with it. That’s interesting because it very much sounds like a Conservative argument to question how government is ran. Not long ago she made the comparison of donating to a child overseas, stating how you receive updates on what your money is going to and how she would like to see this with her tax dollars. She was praised by the Right for this and they thought they might be able to bring her to their side. Fast forward to today and my Mentions are now in shambles on Twitter with people both calling her dumb and bringing up her stripping and robbing past.

To revisit old statements from Cardi B, she did a video crying once talking about what all she had to do to make it which included going through guys’ wallets. And when she was called out about it, she reminded people that a lot of girls judging her do the same. She never said it was okay, she just pointed out where she came from. And this type of judging of one’s past is a stark contrast to what we’ve been told since the 90s now by both sides of the aisle that personal lives don’t matter, be it Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky or President Trump and where he puts his hands and who he chooses to spend money on while married.

There are people who called her dumb and said she had no business running. These are the people who ignored the fact that she said she wanted to go to school first. She also mentioned watching political documentaries which I can tell you is more than what a lot of pundits do as it’s clear they have no clue what they’re talking about. Secondly, to say that she or anyone is interested in educating themselves to be able to participate in the political process. And despite criticizing the president heavy, she has shown some Conservative leanings which means that she has something in common with both parties, so instead of trying to discredit her, perhaps both should try to work with her on molding her ideas while she’s still learning instead of just bashing. But what do I know? I’m just trying to see people work together… but there’s nothing sexy about that when we can all attack each other.