Photo Credit: Cardi B/Instagram

Cardi B got up today and was quite perturbed about her portrayal in the press with questions about her parenting thanks to some clever editing and clickbait from Access Hollywood. In a long expletive filled rant on Instagram Live, she explained how her interview involved her talking about balancing motherhood and career and how she chooses to spend time with her daughter Kulture instead of going to the studio. That somehow was edited out and a headline stating that her daughter sometimes calls someone else Mommy because she works so much.

“Don’t use my kid for f*cking clickbait,” she shouted at the camera. “Access Hollywood, suck my whole dick. Suck a dick. I hope your f*cking mom catch AIDS, b*tch.” She added that they made her “look like [she’s] some wack ass mom.” Now if there is anything we know about Cardi B is that she doesn’t tolerate her parenting being questioned. Remember, that’s what made her throw that shoe at Nicki Minaj for making a similar remark about how she should take care of her child instead of picking fights with her. We just hope if Cardi makes any red carpet events with Access Hollywood present that her team tells her to keep her shoes on.

“Don’t f*cking cut half of the sh*t that I said about why I gotta spend time with my child,” she said. And she finished it by saying she plans on deleting all of her social media after her birthday because she always gets made into the bad guy. But before she does that, she’s going to have to deal with the public reaction of her saying someone should catch AIDS. Some people called her homophobic for the remark. For the record, AIDS isn’t a just for gays disease so that’s an ignorant remark on their behalf.

There also drew comparisons between her and Khia who recently went on Instagram Live making a similar remark about Love & Hip Hop: Miami star Bobby Lytes accusing him of having HIV saying they’re both the same. While it’s a remark that’s a low blow in reading, as for their general personalities, Cardi doesn’t sit online talking about people just because and being mean spirited. Something was actually done to her here. Some would argue that something was done to Khia, which is true. Lytes did call her all types of cockroaches, etc., but that’s only because she’s in a 10+ one sided feud with his cousin Trina who she trashes every chance she gets. So either way, she started it. Cardi doesn’t go around intentionally picking fights with people, so they’re not the same.

All in all, welcome to the world of yellow journalism, Cardi. I agree they deserved a cursing out. As for the people clutching their pearls, this is the same woman who on Love & Hip Hop told someone, “I’m being nice to you. Have I stabbed you? No.” It was said jokingly with a little wink wink just in case. Hopefully next time things won’t get to this level and maybe next time, whoever interviews her will keep from throwing shade at her parenting skills.