Photo Credit: Kevin Wong Photography

Today should have been a day of celebration for Cardi B as she just became the first female rapper to win ASCAP Songwriter Award of the Year, but instead she’s been indicted by a grand jury on 14 charges for her role in a NYC strip club brawl. She was arrested back in October for allegedly ordering an attack on 2 bartenders, Jade and Baddie G. on August 29th, 2018 to which Jade was accused of sleeping with her now husband, rapper Offset. The two women, claim chairs and bottles started flying from her team at them, leading them to become injured during the melee.

Cardi’s now facing 14 charges including 2 counts of felony attempted assault with intent to cause serious physical injury. Other charges include misdemeanor reckless endangerment, assault, criminal solicitation, conspiracy and harassment. She was originally charged with 2 misdemeanors, assault and reckless endangerment but that’s now grown into the grand jury’s indictment. She was offered a plea deal in April that she rejected where if she plead guilty to a single misdemeanor she could be let go but if she slipped up at all, she’d have the book thrown at her. More information has been discovered during the investigation which is what lead things to go to a grand jury. It isn’t clear what all was uncovered by there’s now footage of Cardi throwing an ice bucket at the two women. Cardi is currently dominating the industry and all we can say is that now is not the time to mess it up. Her arraignment is set for June 25th. We’ll be reporting more on this as the story unfolds.