Photo Credit: Cardi B/Instagram; Tekashi69/Instagram

In today’s blank stare news, video footage of incarcerated rapper Tekashi69’s girlfriend Jade showing her DMs, where Cardi B’s husband, rapper Offset told her, “Miss u fr [for real].” Well the 1 am message lead to an avalanche of events, including being clowned across the internet for yet another instance of him cheating. Well he posted a message to Cardi’s Instagram stories because he’s still maintaining that not only was he hacked but he doesn’t have access to his account. “Somebody hacked one of my emails. You know what I’m saying? It’s connected to all of my s–t. And that’s how I got hacked.” The video also shows what appears to be an email from Instagram informing him of “unusual activity.” He went on to say, “I’ve been having a good weekend, man. I wake up to the bulls–t. I’m with my family man,” stating he had a “great Thanksgiving” with his family and “aint on no bulls–t.” He thanked
Facebook, Twitter, Google and Instagram for “all sticking together and helping me.”

Okay, Offset. We looked at the video footage and it would really be a lot of trouble to falsify something like that. He also sounded very anxious in the recording as though he’s desperate for people to believe him. And if so, it’s understandable. Public backlash, especially if it’s unwarranted affects a relationship. But this all started with a video of Jade going off saying that his wife has an “open criminal case” and asked why he didn’t respect her. There’s two ways to take her bringing up the criminal case. She’s either implying that he should be supporting her, OR that she’s more inclined to whoop his a**. For those of us who saw her when she was on Love & Hip Hop, I think it’s already established that she’s capable of kicking his a**. But she also wrote a since deleted tweet that she had much more to reveal. So whatever that means, we don’t know.

And lastly, can we talk about how insane it is to not only cheat on Cardi yet again but to do so with the girl of Tekashi69, who’s facing over 40 years behind bars because of his gang activity. He ordered people to be shot that were against him all the time. Mind you, he basically bought his way into the gang and was just financing them, he’s still a big gang member just the same, so if in fact, that’s what he was doing, he really IS dumb. smh