[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Last night was supposed to be a big day for Cardi B. She was adding to her list of firsts by being the first female rapper to headline the Rolling Loud festival. Given that it’s the largest hip hop festival in the world, that’s a little hard to believe, but that’s beside the point. With that being said, just as she was getting into her groove onstage performing when on walked her husband, rapper Offset with a stage hands rolling in a giant cake and three giant signs saying “Cardi Take Me Back.” He told her “I just want to tell you I’m sorry bro in front of the world. Whatever I’ve got to do, I’m there…” and some other incoherent mumbling.

The stunt Offset pulled didn’t exactly go as he planned. He appeared to have leaned in for a kiss to which those of us able to read lips saw she was telling him was he was doing was embarrassing. Fans didn’t seem to like it either as a large part of the audience was booing. Twitter was no different as many called on Cardi to sue her management, the festival and essentially fire everyone. Others called it a publicity stunt.

When Cardi first announced she was getting a divorce following his latest revelation of cheating earlier this month, many felt it was a publicity stunt because they just got married about a year ago. This was sort of the nail in the coffin for many because, simply put, how is it even possible to roll stage equipment on someone’s set, a giant cake, all with multiple people and get away with it? For the record, those flight cases he used to push those signs on aren’t light or quiet. It isn’t something you can just sneak by. By the close of business, the festival chimed in with a statement stating that they had absolutely nothing to do with the stunt, stating artists are in full control of their sets and that the most that happened is that they were given a tip that something would happen. They said she did a great job delivering hits and looked forward to working with her again.

Since the festival announced they weren’t involved in her husband’s stunt, how then did it happen? Well they both have the same management team which means it wouldn’t be difficult for Offset to get clearance for the little sideshow he created. If that in fact is true, that means that their management is working for one and hindering the other. Also keep in mind that Offset is who had Cardi sign to his management team so he likely has the upper hand in this. He did however go online to apologize for his apology pretty much turning into a giant f*ck up. Wow. Try to say that five times fast.

Even though she was embarrassed, Cardi actually asked her fans to not give her husband (for now) a hard time considering what’s happened to Pete Davidson. He broke up with Ariana Grande and has been acting suicidal online. This would make two men she’s been with back to back that tried to take their lives. Well, one did already.. Mac Miller. That was a mature move on Cardi’s part. She might be upset at her husband but not enough to want to see him completely destroyed online. We’re wishing the two the best and hopefully a better understanding of boundaries for them both… mostly Offset but both of them, just in case.

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