Donovan Lamar’s a makeup artist whose look is as striking as the celebrities he works on. We’ve followed him for years and after going through his pics for this post realized he’s been on our to-do list to cover since before this site existed. He’s a handsome guy and though we’re not sure of his height, he does appear to be #funsized. (Google it.)

His bio is quite modest on his website of the celebrities he’s worked with although if you’ve followed him on Instagram, you’d see him surrounded by a different one on a nearly daily basis. The most notable we’d say is Lil Kim. Considering the years of her appearance being mocked, we definitely have to give props for the work he’s done with her as she looked amazing when he was finished.

And for the good part. #ThatCake. He has a YouTube channel with him working out with his trainer which might give you an idea where the body came from.

Glitzers, check out Donovan Lamar’s nudes below:
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