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Professional celebrity doorknob Celina Powell recently did Adam22’s No Jumper podcast where she touched on a few subjects like getting rich off of OnlyFans, Nicki Minaj’ baby etc. During the interview, she committed one of the biggest female sins and that is to tell the gender of Nicki Minaj’ baby. Nicki’s 37 and those who follow her know how big of a deal getting pregnant has been. It is for any woman and all announcements like the baby name and gender are usually very well thought out and planned events. But given how Powell is the definition of if “she’s for the streets” were a person, she owes no one any loyalty. And as a professional clout chaser, of course she told the moment she found out.

During the interview, she says she was eavesdropping on a phone call Lil Wayne was having with Tekash 6ix9ine where the topic of Minaj’ baby came up. “Anyway, Nicki Minaj is pregnant with a girl. [Tekashi 6ix9ine] confirmed it but I actually heard it from Lil Wayne. I was with somebody and Lil Wayne FaceTimed him and they were talking about Nicki’s pregnancy. I was like ‘Oh my god!’ and I wanted to record the conversation so bad but I knew I would get kicked out and I didn’t wanna fuck up my relationship with that guy.”

Powell says it was Wayne who brought who told the baby’s gender saying, “He was like, ‘I think she just found out it was a girl.’ I was, like, playing it casual with 6ix9ine. I was like, ‘Did you know that Nicki’s pregnant?’ He was like, ‘Duh, she came to the shoot pregnant.’ And I was like, ‘Well, I bet you didn’t know she was having a girl.’ And he was like, ‘Yeah I do. I know the name of it too!'”

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Powell didn’t mention the baby’s name because she didn’t know it yet. We’re sure if she did she would have happily shared. The whole problem here is giving a platform to a clout chaser. Of course the next part is Nicki’s going to be beefing with Wayne asking why would he say something like and blaming him for the information being out there and quite honestly, her husband just might get involved. Do you really want to end up in a fight with a hood dude like that? But hey, it’s just a podcast and he got some good content. One story he got that you won’t hear everyday is the NBA team where she said she went down on 7 guys at once. Now we not only want to know who the team is but err um, that’s pretty gay.

If you’re not aware, Powell’s a thing only because she claimed to have been pregnant with Offset’s baby and almost ruined her and Cardi B’s marriage. Now she might have been lying but he did cheat with her so at the time it seemed very much like a possibility. She did a Youtube episode once where she talked about how Trey Songz threw her up against the wall in a club with his hand around her throat, threw her phone off of a balcony and held her hostage for several hours. That’s what happens when women like her go around trying to expose people all the time. Apparently nothing was learned from the days of Kat Stacks when she started getting set up with people like Bow Wow’s team decking her in public on camera over the same stuff. Then again, Powell might just be that good at what she does if you know what we mean so that could be why it hasn’t happened. Speaking of which, Powell used to live with Kat Stacks as of 2018 so she learned this all honestly.