Photo Credit: Christian Cooper

Central Park Karen is one of the cases that was the precursor to global riots. Before there was George Floyd, CPK, whose real name is Amy Cooper, set off tensions when she not only called the police on a black bird watcher putting on a full on dramatized act calling 911 for no reason. Before the call started, she warned him that she would be calling the police reporting an “African American man” was attacking her, as they both stood calmly in the park. While on the phone, she began screaming and crying as if she were being attacked that very moment.

The actions of CPK against the black bird watcher, Christian Cooper have now lead to the attention of Manhattan District Attoney Cy Vance, Jr., In a statment Vance Jr., said, “Today our Office initiated a prosecution of Amy Cooper for Falsely Reporting an Incident in the Third Degree.” No charging documents have been revealed yet but the charge she’s expecting to face is a misdemeanor for filing a false report.

So far Amy Cooper has lost her job over this incident, something that could have been avoided if she had just kept her dog on its leash as the park rules clearly state. That’s all Christian Cooper was asking her to do. And before claiming that he could have just minded his business, a loose dog is dangerous. With so many people recording their incidents for social media, one would think people would think twice before choosing to be overtly racist.

More importantly, out of all this, Central Park Karen was a case many of us could relate to based on previous experiences. Also, the possibility of him losing his life based on the fake cries of a white woman over the phone claiming to be under attack wasn’t missed by those who witnessed the incident, which is why she’s in the position she’s in now. I could give a dissertation about the sociopathic tendencies of Karens but I’ll spare you all for now. I’m just happy to see some type of justice being served. And I hope she gets the full year for this because if an example is made, perhaps these Karen 911 calls will stop.