Photo Credit: Rap Genius

Chance from I Love New York, whose real name was Kamal Givens was one of the slick talkin’ midwest boys on I Love New York with Tiffany Pollard in the mid 2000s that many of us have had a crush on for years. His brother, Ahmad Givens who was known for having hair damn near to his waist passed away at 33 of colon cancer in 2015, God bless his soul. That leaves us with Chance. There was a lot of sexual tension on the show with Tiffany especially with contestant Wolf, whose real name is Greg Harris. She started buckling at the knees saying “I KNOW he’s got a big d*ck, I KNOW he’s got a big d*ck.” Unfortunately we never got to see it (and quietly we’re holding out hoping one day we will) but Chance in 2018 is still a thing.

Kamal Givens now has his own new reality show coming out soon called Chance of Love, his second as the first was Real Chance of Love in 2009. While we hate to be pessimists, one could argue that this leaked video of him j*rking off is a publicity stunt to gain interest in the show. It might be but if it’s attention he wanted, he’s got it. And might I add that he is still find in 2018? It almost isn’t fair. I don’t think he’s aged a day. I’ll be tuning in. Will you?

Photo & Video Credit: Kamal Givens/Instagram