Photo Credit: Charleston White/Instagram

If there is anything we know about Charleston White, it’s that he is going to do what he wants to so asking him to tone it down or leave certain people alone is essentially a fool’s errand. But that’s what happened when he went on Chicago’s DJ U Go Crazy podcast and he started dissing deceased Chicago rappers King Von and FBG Duck. What started it was that his helping Duck’s mother could be seen as a slight against Von and it caused him to go off.

“I don’t know that! I don’t give a damn about it!” White continued. “Listen, I helped his momma. Why I need to know about two dead-ass n-ggas? I don’t give a fuck about Duck or Von. I helped his living momma; fuck them dead n-ggas. They preached about killing n-ggas. Why y’all not helping they momma? Why a n-gga from Texas got to pay his momma car note? Why?! And y’all wanna tell me what I’m gonna do with my money?!”

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He went on expressing that he felt people were being ungrateful for who he has indeed helped. “Y’all go help the bitch since y’all got so much to say! Bitch, give me back the money then, ho! Funky-ass bitch. I ain’t have to help nan one of you rotten-ass hoes. My momma ain’t got a bunch of kids that died. All you hoes that buried your babies, fuck your pain, bitch! And Chicago, fuck y’all! Suck my dick, bitch! I keep a goddamn gun for whatever!”

Things escalated when he went off camera to get his gun and came back with it saying, “You better sit down, homie. Whatchu mean what I’m on? Don’t fuck with me with a gun in my hand, n-gga.” They went on to argue for the remainder of the interview. DJ University wrote on Instagram captioning the video saying, “I represent CHICAGO any and everywhere I go…I was giving this goof ass old man the benefit of the doubt cause he claim to be ‘in character’ when saying sum of the disrespectful shit he be saying but where I’m from once U up on a mf U gotta use it… #DJUGOCRAZY‼️”

Charleston White has been making the rounds in media a lot lately for his entertainment factor but we’re not sure if he’s going to keep getting invited if he’s going to become known for waving guns in recording studios. That’s a bit over the top and clearly a threat to everyone present. Charleston, if you’re reading this, try to woosah and take it down a couple notches, k?