Stephane Manga’s an amazon of a guy being a whopping 6’6 and comes with that foreign flavor as Trey Songz would say being from France. His body’s tight, he’s tatted up and just from a freak note, being pinned under a 6’6 ball player doesn’t sound too bad. Well a pic of him sending his d*ck to someone has hit the net and one he clearly made no attempt to keep his face out of. We’re not sure if he was proud of it and wanted to do one of those “Mom, look what I can do” or just um… We’re not sure but we’re hoping we’ll get to see more. Cheers to getting our wish and to the person who’s getting the D, we see you… and if you want to share any groupie stories with us, our ears are open.

Glitzers, check out French baller Stephane Manga and his #ballermeat below: