Photo Credit: Akiem Hicks/Instagram

Chicago Bears player Akiem Hicks just appeared on The Waddle & Silvy radio show and things didn’t exactly go as planned. Well to start, he’s currently out due to an injury and while talking about how hard he’s riding for his team even though he’s not actively playing, the host decided to make a joke about him getting hurt which is where things went completely left.

“Roll with us,” he said in a pep talk to his team that’s down in a 5-6 start. “We didn’t do this on purpose. We didn’t try to get ourselves into this situation. But, we’re doing everything that we can to climb out of this hole.” That’s when one of the hosts interjected saying, “You mean you didn’t put your arm in between those two Raiders and it popped out of joint on purpose?” He then followed up with, “No, I’m joking,” but by that time it was too late.

At that point all 6’4″ and 352 pounds of rage came out with Hicks saying, “That’s a joke?! You think that’s a joke!? You don’t joke about somebody’s injury!” He made it clear he wasn’t ever returning to their show again with the host aggravated saying, “Really?” He then took it to Twitter still clearly agitated saying, “You don’t joke about someone’s nearly season ending injury. It’s just not funny. Shouldn’t have lost my cool but ‘To err is human, to forgive divine.'”

Silvy saw the tweet and said “The relationships we’ve built w/ Chicago athletes over the 13yrs we’ve been on the air is second to none. It was a simple misunderstanding. #Respect.” It’s hard to believe the guy that blew up in the interview is the same person who does his annual Thanksgiving community dinners he helps prepare, but it happens. Some people take what they do extremely serious and it’s a good thing he was able to at least notice his overreaction and try to dial it in a bit. Had this have been Antonio Brown, this would have carried on for weeks with all types of profanity laced, grammar botched tweets. But it’s okay. No harm is done. We’re hoping he recovers soon. His teammate, linebacker Aaron Lynch said you can definitely tell when he’s not on the field, so he’s certainly missed.