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If you’ve been watching Empire recently, you might have seen our model spotlight pick Sesamir Yearby come across the small screen. From Illinois, the small town native says he achieved his body by going to the gym five times a week, sometimes twice a day. His career has required as much as his body with him starting off doing fashion shows in neighbor’s back yards, sometimes with just 10 people in the audience. Growing up with 3 brothers and sisters, Yearby says he strives to be the man God intended him to be, for himself and for my family.”

Working as an IT professional by day and moonlighting as a model and actor, Yearby says “I’m an extremely hard and passionate worker,” says Yearby. “I’m a giver who almost never looks for anything in return. I believe everyone is equal and I believe women should be treated like royalty every day with the least amount of stress as possible.”

Want to know what a date with Yearby is like? He gives an answer so perfect it’s hard to believe if it’s real or if he’s just jerking everyone’s chain saying what they want to hear. “I’m old school; I believe a woman should never open her own door or ever have to carry anything heavy,” he shares. “I’ll wash and blow dry her hair, scrub her body and feet, paint her toes and even feed her in bed. I wouldn’t be forcing myself to do these things. I would simply be doing what my heart tells me to do. I love hard, thus I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her pleased and show her she means everything to me.”

Growing up Yearby said he was teased for being dark skinned and for having an unusual name, but we’re sure that wherever those people are who made those remarks, they’re certainly eating them now.

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