Photo Credit: Chris Brown/Instagram

Comparisons between Chris Brown and Michael Jackson have existed for about as long as he’s been out as an artist and finally after about 2 decades into his career, he’s decided to put the debate to rest. During an interview with Big Boy for BigBoyTV he said “I stay the hell up out of [that argument]. I’ma keep it 100. I kind of back off of it. My personal take on it, I wouldn’t even be breathing or even be able to sing a song if that man didn’t exist. So, I don’t know if they look at it as a [Michael] Jordan and Kobe [Bryant] thing but I don’t.”

“I can’t even look at it,” Chris Brown continued. “He’s light years away. There is no competing. Hell no. I got shrines and shit of this man hanging up in my house. Hell nah, I ain’t better than him.”

The debate was recently ignited by rapper Fivio Foreign and R&B singer Tank. 50 Cent even posted on Instagram “CB better then MJ to me now, I can’t believe mike wanted to touch the little boys booty.‍♂️what the fuck man.” He even followed it up months later with a video of Brown dancing captioned with “I would hate to be a R&B nigga right now,” 50 wrote in the caption of a video of Chris Brown dancing. “This fool better then MJ no [cap].

But Brown said not too fast. He wants to make sure the King of Pop keeps his crown. Not that he doesn’t have the potential to reach King of Pop status. And he has his 10th album, Breezy, coming out this week to give him another chance to reach that status. He said he recorded 250 songs for the album and settled on 23 in the end.

“I be having so many songs. I think for this actual project, I had almost 250 songs,” he said. “I was like, ‘Yeah, we gotta scale it down and figure out what we gon’ do.’”

Regarding how he paired the songs down, he said “Too many of the songs sound in the same frequency. It’s like a show. You got the beginning, the climax, and then the end,” he said. “But I still want to give my audience at least two or three of the same and not [release] a whole album where every song sounds the same.”

Do you agree with Breezy that he’s no Michael Jackson and do you think he has the potential to reach his status?