Photo Credit: Chris Brown/Instagram

Chris Brown was linked to a woman named Diamond Brown in 2019. The paparazzi caught them out together and when his second baby mother Ammika Harris announced being pregnant with his child, he was in her comments then flirting. She’s been posting pregnancy updated in her stories with Chris Brown’s music playing fpr months and yet no confirmation from Brown has happened yet. It was first reported in speculation that she was pregnant in September with his child and the rumors are still growing. Brown’s mother was caught quickly following and unfollowing her, seemingly confirming it.

Last month fans were leaving comments under pics of hers saying things like, “baby breezy is almost here” and “Young CB coming soon.” Back in September when she announced being pregnant, she captioned the photo with “Just when you think you know love, something little comes along to remind you just how big it really is.”

RadarOnline is reporting that the second baby mother isn’t happy about this new addition and is blocking everyone that mentions it on her page. “Be careful his second babymama [sic] would literally block you just for commenting,” one person warned about Ammika. “She mad and bitter AF,” said another.

I mean, can you blame her for blocking people? All it is is trolling. Would you do that with your own family if you had a family member that was a mom now getting a flood of comments about your ex knocking someone else up? You’d probably want to knock each and every one of them out.

Chris Brown hasn’t said a word about this revelation. We’re betting that he’s going to wait until the child is born to say something. The earlier he acknowledges it, he’s just going to end up in extra months of bad press about multiple kids by extra women. Either way, if he’s the father, kudos to him and best of luck parenting.