Photo Credit: Chris Brown/Instagram

While everyone is debating about whether DaBaby should have said what he did about STDS, gays and closeted men, there’s one thing that’s been left out of this discussion altogether. And that is that none of this had to happen to begin with. Chris Brown made a couple cryptic messages in his Instagram Story seemingly addressing the situation.

The first of these posts said to “Shut the F*ck Up… Do yo shows, thank everybody, then get the f*ck off the stage!!!!!!!!” And is he wrong? We all have freedom of speech but we don’t have freedom from consequence. If anyone knows that it’s #GoatBrown. He’s been there and went through it for years.

But of course he deleted that post. He did, however make another saying, “It’s so free to mind ya business.” It’s pretty clear who was in the wrong here and it’s pretty easy to fix. A list artists have enough people in their teams to remedy these situations but of course, people insist on speaking for themselves and you have the DaBaby’s of the world who repeatedly put their feet in their mouths. And then their peers like T.I. and Boosie join in and do the same. Tiffany Pollard was right all those years ago when she said all you had to do was sit there and eat your food. But no… everybody wants to go jump off the ledge at once.