Photo Credit: Chris Brown/Instagram

Chris Brown made headlines for opening his closet up to fans this week with a yard sale that had people coming from as far as Arizona just to get a taste of Brown’s belongings. But being that this was Chris Brown with people lined up all down the block hours before it started, you know his neighbors had something to say about it. The city’s code enforcement came out to explain to him the law of what he could and couldn’t do in a yard sale. Officials from the city’s Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety appeared as well to make sure things didn’t get out of control. The complaint from neighbors is that he was bringing things onto his property to sell, which didn’t happen, by the way. Everything for sale came from his closet. And the whole day went without a single incident which is quite impressive. His team complained that the city was trying to shut things down. Either way, it makes us feel like parents watching Breezy grow up. Those wild days of his seem to finally be over and allowing fans a chance to own a piece of your legacy capping prices at $150 was a nice thing to do. One woman complained that she had weed in the pocket of the hoodie that she bought but other than that, good job, Breezy lol.

And in other Chris Brown news, a leaked song from Eminem’s 2009 Relapse album just surfaced and he’s heard siding with beating up Rihanna saying, “Of course I side with Chris Brown. I’d beat a bitch down too.” Now, to his credit, he’s 47 now and this was a decade ago so at least he’s not near 50 condoning this but even still… he was older than I currently am and I can’t imagine saying that at any point in life. Then again, this is Eminem we’re talking about so none of us should be surprised. He did however make an alternate version of the lyric that made it onto B.o.B’s 2011 song Things Get Worse where he rapped that he “put Natasha Bedingfield in a washer” and “murdered” Dakota Fanning. Oh, Eminem. I guess it’s safe to say these two won’t be friends anytime soon and Brown might want to stay away from Eminem just in case he decides to play the devil on his shoulder in any future relationships.