Photo Credit: Chrisean Rock/Instagram; Blueface/Twitter

In the latest episode of hip hop’s ratchet Bobby & Whitney, Blueface traveled to Baltimore to see his girl Chrisean Rock’s family and it resulted in him fighting her dad. Now since going viral showing Blueface throwing the punches, new footage of him being hit first by her dad have come out. Not only did he punch him in front of a group of people, he knocked him clean over and did it in front of his camera crew he brought with him. He’s since taken to Instagram saying he’s her daddy now. Oh, and let’s not forget back in May Chrisean fought Blueface’s mother.

And just how did her brother respond to this? He said that she knows her family is crazy and that her man showed up on all 10, didn’t fold and said everyone wouldn’t do that. Now even if this is true, normally most people would take their parents’ side in a fight if they had a sibling’s significant other take a swing at them. And given the fact the world has witnessed the violent relationship these two have, his dad pretty much owed him a punch. And he needed to stand there and take it. Police were called but everyone dispersed by the time they got there. Pray for these two… and the brother. Something tells us he might need a little prayer as well.